MyBargain trip to Garage Sales today spent only $2.50!!

It’s Garage Sale season, and you can find some really great items for bargain prices!

I haven’t been out garage sale-ing much this summer, but today I found some great deals!!

Purchased this round turn table for only 0.25¢.

This will be great to put various small items on that I get for free in the mail.  The best part it’s on a spinner to make things even more accessible!

Purchased this gingerbread man cookie cutter for 0.25¢.

The best part is the sticker is still on it, so brand new!!

Purchased this gray/pink backpack (which by the way looks brand new)

only $1.50!!

I picked it up at the last day of the sale and

everything was 1/2 off!

I purchased this glass bowl for 0.50¢!

I ended up putting lake weathered wood with beach stones all around into the bowl.  It’s a nice little zen touch to the bathroom decor!

All in all today at garage sales I spent ONLY $2.50 for all of the above!!

I must say a good day for Garage Sale-ing!!

Check out your local newspapers for garage sale listings.  I’m sure you’ll find some great bargains, and have a blast while searching for hidden treasures.

As the saying goes “one persons junk is another persons treasure”…