MyBargain trip: to the Wonder and Hostess Outlet!

Wonder and Hostess Bake Shop Outlets

(click on link above to find a store near you!)

Great bakery products at HUGE discounts!

My latest trip to my local outlet store included:

(2) Wonder bagel packs 2.69 each

(3) Wonder bread 0.99 each

(1) Nature’s Pride bread 1.00

(1) Rye bread 0.99

(1) County Fair buns pack 0.99

(2) Twinkies packs 2.00 each (retail 4.29 each)

(1) Hoho’s pack 2.00 (retail 4.29 each)

OOP: 17.33 including tax!


MyBargain trip to Giant Eagle today only $2.75!

Giant Eagle deals I nabbed in this weeks ad; all for less than $3.00!!

08/26/10-09/01/10 weekly ad

check out all of these deals and more Giant Eagle 08/26/10-09/01/10 ad!

(thanks, TheCouponHigh!)

MultiGrain Cheerios → sale 4/$10

**$1.50/3 General Mills Big G cereals Catalina coupon prints from above purchase**

Campbells Chunky soup → sale 8/$10

Helluva Good sour cream → sale 2/$3

Final total cost = $2.75!!

Before Sales = $15.86

After Sales = $10.50

After Coupons =  $2.75

Jo~Ann Fabrics 90% off!!

Going on right now at Jo~Ann Fabrics is the 90% off Summer Inspiration items sale.  Check out your local store to see what great deals you can find.  My store was pretty well picked over, but I did find a few great items!!

Here are the great deals I found…

I only spent $10.00 total and saved over $85.00!!

Kid’s garden tote → sale $2.49 (regularly $24.99)

Plant Dolly  → sale $1.99 each (regularly $19.99 each)

Final cost = $3.98

Cast Iron hooks (butterfly & bee) → 0.69¢ each (regularly $6.99 each)

Final cost = $1.38

Wooden Garden pick (snail) → 0.59¢ (regularly $5.99)

Candle tealight holder (star) → 0.99¢ (regularly $9.99)

Total OOP: $9.43 + tax

Before Savings: $94.93

Total Savings: $85.50

** A very great day to pick up some really cute items at unheard of prices!!**

B1G1 50% off drink container sale at Kmart!!

Kmart has a great deal going on this week (starting today) for these reusable drink containers (other options are in the sale as well).  Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.  These normally run $7.99 each and I couldn’t get myself to purchase them at full price, but with this sale you’ll save $4.00!  I’ve wanted to purchase these previously and I’m glad they had a great sale going on, I use these types of containers on a daily basis!!

Copco Eco-In Coffee mug $7.99

Copco Eco-In Cold drink container $7.99

With B1G1 50% off sale going on → save $4.00

Final cost = $12.00 for both ($6.oo each)

MyBargain trip to Garage Sales today spent only $2.50!!

It’s Garage Sale season, and you can find some really great items for bargain prices!

I haven’t been out garage sale-ing much this summer, but today I found some great deals!!

Purchased this round turn table for only 0.25¢.

This will be great to put various small items on that I get for free in the mail.  The best part it’s on a spinner to make things even more accessible!

Purchased this gingerbread man cookie cutter for 0.25¢.

The best part is the sticker is still on it, so brand new!!

Purchased this gray/pink backpack (which by the way looks brand new)

only $1.50!!

I picked it up at the last day of the sale and

everything was 1/2 off!

I purchased this glass bowl for 0.50¢!

I ended up putting lake weathered wood with beach stones all around into the bowl.  It’s a nice little zen touch to the bathroom decor!

All in all today at garage sales I spent ONLY $2.50 for all of the above!!

I must say a good day for Garage Sale-ing!!

Check out your local newspapers for garage sale listings.  I’m sure you’ll find some great bargains, and have a blast while searching for hidden treasures.

As the saying goes “one persons junk is another persons treasure”…

MyBargain trip to RiteAid today, FREE toothpaste!!

Hope you made it to RiteAid for this freebie!  This deal went through today 8/14/10.

I made a quick trip to RiteAid today.  Had a busy week/weekend so far and didn’t have time to put together a list with a lot of goodies.  BUT I made sure to make it to RiteAid to get some FREE toothpaste if nothing else!!

Crest Pro Health Sensitive Shield toothpaste 4.2 oz. → Sale $2.69 (regularly $3.79)

0.75¢/1 MQ (08/01 PG insert)

Pay $2.69 + tax OOP

SCR #47 → $2.69 (purchased 8/8-8/14)

Final cost = FREE after SCR (+0.75¢ money maker!)

MyBargain trip to Giant Eagle…FREE Lifesavers!!

Head over to Giant Eagle and get yourself some free LifeSavers Gummies candy!!  I love free stuff, and add candy to that is even better!!

Sale for $1.00 each until 08/25/10 !!!

LifeSavers Gummies 7 oz. → Sale 10/$10 ($1.00 each)

0.50¢/1 LifeSavers printable MQ (doubled)

(scroll down to sweet savings → click on get special savings now)

Final cost = FREE!!

**don’t forget to hit the back arrow to resend after the 1st coupon prints, to get a 2nd coupon to print.

Then you can get 2 bags for free not just one!**

(thanks, TheCouponHigh!)

MyBargain trip to Marc’s 0.88¢ sunglasses!!

Check out your local Marc’s store.

I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of sunglasses (2 pairs are Candies which retail for $25.00 each) and a pink manicure Revlon nail set.

(prices and selection may vary at Marc’s store since they are closeouts)

I spent only $4.13!

Sunglasses → 0.88¢ each

  • purchased 3 (2 of which are Candies brand)
  • Final cost = $2.64

Revlon Nail set $1.49

  • Final cost = $1.49

Such a great deal finding trip at Marc’s today.  Let me know if you find any great deals like these ones.  Marc’s can have some really great bargains within if you look!

Straight Talk → unlimited talk, text, web usage only $45 a month!!

Head over to or to and check out a great alternative to contracted cell phone companies.


There are many options available so check them all out.

(So here’s what happened with me.  I was not so thrilled with Verizon, who I had been with under contract for years!  I got a call from Verizon and was offered 500 extra minutes to use since I had been with them for so long, what a great perk right?!?! Not so happy about this once I noticed it on my bill, without telling me, they renewed my contract as well!! Big no no in my book, a fraudulent renewal!  So I got out of my contract with Verizon needless to say, and will not be under a contract anymore!)

I heard about Straight Talk from others who use it.  It’s available at Walmart, and online.

You purchase a Straight Talk cell phone, and a Straight Talk card and load it onto your phone, its that simple, and the best part is there is NO CONTRACT and its NOT EXPENSIVE!

So here’s the breakdown for my purchase:

Samsung R451C (with slide out keyboard) → $100

Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, Unlimited Web browsing card ONLY → $45!!

(I LOVE THIS, purhcase it every 30 days and re-load new card onto phone!)

Other cards available:

  • 1000 min, 1000 text, 30mb web card for only → $30
  • unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited web for 3 months → $135
  • unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited web 6 months → $270

**You don’t get much better deals than this!  Great phone, no contract, Unlimited usage for $45 a month, AMAZING and I don’t have to worry about going over on my minute or text usage!!**

MyBargain trip to Giant Eagle today only $2.50!!

These sales are going on until Wednesday 07/28/10 next week so be sure to head over to Giant Eagle!

Best Life buttery spread → Sale 10/$10

  • Sale in weekly ad → $1.00 each
  • Purchased 13
  • $1.00 printable coupon (x6 with 3 computers)
  • $1.00 MQ (07/11 RP, 06/13 RP, 05/16 RP inserts) (x7)
  • Final cost = FREE!!!

San Giornio Quick Cook pasta → Sale 10/$10

  • Sale in weekly ad → $1.00 each
  • Purchased 6
  • $1.00 printable coupon (x6 with 3 computers, (2 coupons per computer))
  • Final cost = FREE!!

Puffs 216ct → Sale 2/$3

  • Sale in weekly ad → $1.50 each
  • Purchased 5
  • 0.50¢ coupon (received Puffs sample in the mail that came with 5 -0.50¢ coupons!)
  • Final cost = 0.50¢ each!

Yo-Plus yogurt 4pk → Sale 4/$8

  • Sale in weekly ad  → $2.00 each
  • Free 4pk coupon (previous mail requested coupon)
  • Final cost = FREE

Total OOP: only $2.50!!!

Before Sales: $50.26

After Sales: $28.50

After Coupons: $2.50

** remember too that you can print off 2 printable coupons with every computer you have.  After the 1st coupon prints hit the back arrow button and another one will print!…Also, the more computers you have the more coupons you can print off too (I have multiple computers in my home which makes couponing really nice!!)**