Pat Catan’s Valentine’s Day clearance 75% off!!

Pat Catan’s has Valentine’s Day items on clearance for 75% off!

  • I know its not the 90% off yet, which is an amazing deal and Valentine’s Day for 2010 is over, BUT ended up getting some really cute valentine cookie cutters for 0.15¢ each!  6 cookie cutters for less than $1.00!!

TOTAL OOP = less than $1.00


Pat Catan’s Christmas clearance trip again!

Pat Catan’s again for the second day in a row for 90% off!

  • After returning home the previous day I decided that we could use a lot of the Christmas items that they had on the 90% off clearance for gift bags and such.  SO, trip number 2 I ended up getting 61 more things for creating gift bags with a total of less than $10.00! What a savings, and for making gifts for others, I CAN’T WAIT!!

TOTAL OOP = less than $10.00

**Savings of over $167.00!!**

Pat Catan’s trip, Hallowen and Thanksgiving savings $246.00!!

Halloween and Thanksgiving items are on clearance…drumroll… 90% off!!!

  • Everything pictured ended up costing me less than $12.00!  That’s 43 items!!  All in all I’m set for Halloween and Thanksgiving 2010!
  • Included but not limited to, ghost wreath, pumpkin and leaf garlands, spider pot stand, pumpkin gift bags, treat bags, slate pumpkin, pumpkin windchimes, “welcome” pumpkin door hangers, pumpkins with tea light inserts, pumpkin/gourd table centerpieces, outside halloween direction arrow stake, candy/cookie boxes, etc….

TOTAL OOP = less than $12.00!!!

**Savings of over 246.00!!!**